Vintage 1946 Sentinel AM tube radio

If you like old technology, this 1946 Sentinel tube radio might just be your cup of tea. Manufactured by Sentinel Radio Corporation of Evanston, IL, the IU285P features a superheterodyne tuner and operates on either 120VAC or batteries. The “P” in the model stands for portable. This one tunes the AM band and works very nicely.

The case is wood, covered with rich brown and tan faux leather and the carrying handle is stitched leather. There are three tan Bakelite controls knobs: volume, off/AC/batt, and the tuner.  Considering this radio is 69 years old, it’s previous owner took very good care of it. No nicks or scrapes.

Talk about nostalgia. Imagine your great grandparents boogieing around the kitchen to Little Brown Jug or Clear, Cool Water broadcast on KELO AM. World War two was over with the surrender of the Japanese in September of the previous year, the GI’s were coming home and there was plenty to celebrate. Own a bit of history.

First Friday Event for March

For March’s “First Friday” in Downtown Sioux Falls, we held a book titling and designing event at the Book Shop. A good number of folks stopped in to create their book covers and the results were impressive to say the least!











We had a lot of fun inventing our titles, coloring, glittering, and seeing what everyone else came up with. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and we hope you all had a wonderful time too!

Additional photos from the event can be found on Facebook in this photo album.

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